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A long time ago I talk about theater in this blog, really, the fact is not went again since Into the Woods but the gift that since last year set up with my sister was gived again for my birthday and my sister’s gift me two tickets for Mamma Mia! in Barcelona Teatre Musical and although in the end I had to go with my mother because my sister couldn’t, the fact is that exactly a week ago I was in the theatre beginning to enjoy this story.

The truth is that ABBA’s songs follow me from many times ago in different ways. First, it was no my mother’s favourite band but are of their time and at home there are old records, cassettes and vinyl I liked when I heard; then, many years ago appears a teen band A*Teens, that was not the best album I have but made me feel most songs near. Finally, when I reheard in a time of my life The winner takes it all I get touched on several grounds, and even more the spanish version of the leading actress of the play, Nina.

For all that reasons, I was interested in see this play, but last year I prefer to see Cabaret and this time, I expect the gift was for Que! El nou musical, but the truth is that Mamma Mia! is a greater option. The truth is that I had some prejudices about the play, but just charming, very well explained, good interpretations and a very sophisticated scenografie that ends with a great big party with everybody sing-a-long the most famous ABBA’s hit!

These are my answers to two questions that you may do:

Movie or theatre play?
I haven’t seen the movie, but when I went back home after seeing the play, watch some clips on YouTube and the fact is that the movie copy the play with more budget and, as I read in a criticism a musical film (Across The Universe), the fact that the actors were celebrities made everything he did little more unreal and uncredible. In addition, the theater always has a magic and makes you get involved in a special way.

What about the translation of the songs in spanish?
Well, interesting topic. As the story is in spanish, I think that the songs are in spanish too is the greatest option and more natural. It’s true that I can’t imagine the musical said in the previous question in spanish (that’s why I see it in the original version subtitled) but well, in conclusion, I think the best option is to share songs and dialogue language in the play, is the most natural way to enter history and get involved in it.

I couldn’t end this entry without talking about the actors and actresses cover. It’s true that are needed to program the play all week, but in this case, I have taken a flop if the player had been interpreted by the cover as one of the attractions of the play for me was the voice of Nina, the principal actress. In another way, I wouldn’t have believed the story as well. That’s all…

You can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life…