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Britannia High

Seems, for what has been seen so far, that the greatest way to describe this new british TV-program is as a plus of High School Musical and Fame, as usual: corny stories, teenage love, fashionable people everywhere…

But the truth it’s that the new single Start of something it’s a hit, that kind of that makes you happiest and optimistic, something necessary nowadays… Furthermore, add four things: (one) the incredible change of Mitch Hewer, that appears on Skins as Maxxie; (two) I read that was one of the most successfull programs in the last Canne’s Festival; (three) as I read, Take That is part of the project, a fact that explains the great single, I’m not saying that Take That was great (how little I heard, I was indifferent of it) but the success they had, for something would be, and finally (four) I’ve to say that not everything shines, the second single Watch this space it’s not good at all.

To end, thank and recommend you the greatest blog ok Skins in spanish, the way I discover Britannia High, and the official web of Britannia High to look for photos, download the song, videos…

Start of Something’s video

skins, It’s a lifestyle choice

Skins is a comedic teen drama from Company Pictures. It’s located in the brithish town of Bristol, where the young characters living the last years of high school alternating with partys, drugs and sex. The characters are so stereotyped: a popular, but manipulative boy (Tony), a Muslim boy (Anwar), an openly gay boy (Maxxie), an overbearing and talented clarinet player (Jal), a party animal with family problems (Chris), a pushover who is in love with his best friend’s girlfriend (Sid), a girl who is worried her boyfriend is only using her (Michelle) and a mentally unstable girl with an eating disorder (Cassie).

The greates thing of the serie is the original way to explain the history, the dialogues and al the visual part. The worst thing, for me, is that maybe they abusing unnecessarily of topics as drugs or sex in my point of view, looking for the sensationalism more than to explain the real way of life of teens (may it be, but perhaps not so widespread).

The serie realese two seasons with the same cast. The last months, the production organize parties all arround England where they looking for the cast of the third season that now it’s on process. In this new season, the old cast will appear maybe in some episodes but Effy (Michelle’s sister) is the only character of the last seasons that will appear fixed int the new one.

You can watch skins in Buzz, Antena.Neox and ojo Videoclub, but I recommend you to take a look to the spanish blog of Skins, with a lot of information, photos and download links not only of the episodes, also of the soundtrack. Enjoy!

Finally, this is the official website where you can find a lot of information too!

It’s always sunny in Philadelphia

It’s always sunny in Philadelphia (translated as Colgados en Philadelphia) is an American television sitcom created by Rob McElhenney and developed by McElhenney and Glenn Howerton. Starring the famous Danny DeVito and young unknown actors, the sitcom talks about all the controversial topics that you can imagine, politically incorrect, so fun and absolutely recommended.

In Spain you can watch it in Paramount Comedy every day at 23:30 h. and in weekend in a different hour (I don’t remember it right now) but really doesn’t matter because is replenish several times during the weekend.

Here you can see the official website!

The Beatles Anthology


Who can tell that he or she doesn’t know any Beatles song? There’s no doubt about they’re one of the greatest bands of the last century.  Many years ago, I just know some of their songs (the famoust) and really, I don’t pay a lot of attention to them. But in the last years, months, weeks and days, people I met, movies I watched and songs I listened, makes me discover much more about Lennon, McCartney, Harrison and Starr.

One of the last (and greatest) is this, The Beatles Anthology (1995-1996). A project consisting of: eitgh chapters of docummentary series, three albums with never-before-realased Beatles material (as inedits songs, bootlegs, demos, etc.) and a monographic book.

The album’s cover is created from collage of posters and covers and the songs are chronologically ordered, including statements between the songs. It’s something to have physically, but, at the moment, as should be difficult and expensive to find, you can download it:

Anthology 1 (1995) disc 1 || disc 2 

Anthology 2 (1996) disc 1 || disc 2

Anthology 3 (1996) disc 1 || disc 2 || disc 3

When you download it and want to descompress, the program ask you for a password, is this:

Thanks to this blog for the direct download links!

Enjoy it! You can read too Across the Universe and US vs John Lennon

La luz de la mañana

Marc Barrachina (Facto) y Oscar D’Aniello (Delafe) y Helena Miquel (Las flores azules) creates nice and specials songs between hip-hop and chillout with their special style. Next to their first album Facto Delafé y las Flores Azules vs El monstruo de las Ramblas and of take part in the Bigas Luna film soundtrack Yo soy la Juani, they edit their new album La luz de la mañana. Great, special, perfect for wake up, specially the songs of the video: Desde el este and La luz de la mañana (they sung in a catalan TV magazine called El Club from TV3). Too the first single, El indio and the last song of the album, Poquito a poco, so original with the thanks that you often read in the book that the album adds but it this case, sung by them. Just listen it, it’s a great choice.

Finally, just visit their Myspace!


Sex and the City (the Movie)

There a few months ago that I know about the cinema version for the amazing TV show Sex and the city, it’s shooting. We’ll, today I see on MTV Crispy News that the shoot is over and in few months, the movie will be on theaters, exactly on May 2008. I just expect that if will be not in that dates on Spain, not much late. I wish to see how the lifes of Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte follows and I want to see it soon. Surely, it will be just, f a b o l o u s!

This is the site that HBO and New Line Cinema creates to the movie:

And a blog to know absolutely everything:

Nothing else, just take care and have fun!


Family Guy

Often and I don’t know exactly why, I hate what all the people arround me loves, and what’s worst, sometimes I never whatch that a lot. This is what happened with Family Guy, but I have to recognize that I was wrong and it’s a real delirious and fun show. You can see it in FOX and La Sexta, I don’t know the time exactly.

Here you have the website.