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The Beatles Anthology


Who can tell that he or she doesn’t know any Beatles song? There’s no doubt about they’re one of the greatest bands of the last century.  Many years ago, I just know some of their songs (the famoust) and really, I don’t pay a lot of attention to them. But in the last years, months, weeks and days, people I met, movies I watched and songs I listened, makes me discover much more about Lennon, McCartney, Harrison and Starr.

One of the last (and greatest) is this, The Beatles Anthology (1995-1996). A project consisting of: eitgh chapters of docummentary series, three albums with never-before-realased Beatles material (as inedits songs, bootlegs, demos, etc.) and a monographic book.

The album’s cover is created from collage of posters and covers and the songs are chronologically ordered, including statements between the songs. It’s something to have physically, but, at the moment, as should be difficult and expensive to find, you can download it:

Anthology 1 (1995) disc 1 || disc 2 

Anthology 2 (1996) disc 1 || disc 2

Anthology 3 (1996) disc 1 || disc 2 || disc 3

When you download it and want to descompress, the program ask you for a password, is this:

Thanks to this blog for the direct download links!

Enjoy it! You can read too Across the Universe and US vs John Lennon

Advertisements, a photographers community

This is a website that I discover many days ago.It’s a on-line community based primarily in the photos that users upload. I looged in this website, especially to upload the new phtots that I want to do with the new digital camera that, I hope, Santa Claus gift me for Chirstmas. But to not have it empty, I upload two albums of own photographies that you can see here.

But if you want to see better photos you have to go to this another profile of Agustin Iturrioz, Arriba.del.Arbol.

Enjoy the site!