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Ribera Salada

This is the last post of this first month of blog’s life and two changes:

· New header designed by me from the Snowboarder‘s film poster.

· New kind of recommendations… what? still reading…

Till now I recommend music, movies, TV-shows or theatre plays but I never recomend places. This is the first time I’ll do.

Ribera Salada (Salt river) is a wonderful place , I went since I was a baby because we where in a nearest camping. Then, when I was 5 years old, we didn’t go no more, but without an important reason really. But we have recordings from de Ribera’s Salada days and, five years ago, watching it (singing Mi mono Amelio y yo…) we want to go back and. The ground it’s rocky and, this way, the water is so crystal and transparent and some parts of the river are deep enough to jump from the rocks or the bridge. It’s a really fantastic place. I just hope it not being a tourist place… could it be?


Ribera Salada is in Catalonia (Spain) you have to go to a village called Solsona, direction Pyrenees, and leave the road in the diversion called Pont del Clop. Some kilometres and curves and you arrive… Enjoy it!

Have a nice weekend!