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art project is produced by Soul Produccions. The first movie of the saga was premiered in 04/05 season (art01), next, every season, new movie: art02 (05/06), art03 (06/07) and this season, free.doc (art04) a documentary about freestyle.

a trailer of all art freeski movies

The idea is a movie about freeski, a set of clips with the best spanish riders of this not enough promoted sport. You can see riders like: Paco Benguerel, Guy Diaz or Marc de Diego and all this with great music from Elefant Records, Bcore Disc or Zona Bruta. The movies are sold with the first delivery of a freeski’s magazine (SkiReovulution or SoloNieve). This is a tracklist of art01 and art02, the movies that I watch yesterday:

art #01
Mell Allen – Dukes of Hazzard (Elefent Records)

It’s not not – Ups and Downs (Bcore Disc)

Ojos de Brujo – Tiempo de Drumba (Fábrica de colores)

The unfished simpathy – Rock for food (Bcore disc)

Bunnyhug – Stripping gears (Elefant Records)

Union Wireless – Just One Minute (Elefant Records)

Freeze Pop – Harebrained scheme (Elefant Records)

Tokyo Sex Destruction – Moder Education (Bcore disc)

La Casa Azul – El Sol No Brillará ya nunca más (Elefant Records)

Madee – Economy (Bcore Disc)

Elphomega – Armonia Asesina (Zona Bruta S.L.)

Anti – Kinky Beat (Elefant Records)

art #02

Zenit – Todo marcha bien (Zona Bruta)
Zenit – Todo marcha bien [Instrumental version] (Zona Bruta)
The Unfinished Simpathy – An investment in logistics (BCore Disc)
Mapie – For You (BCore Disc)
No more Lies – My Skining TV (BCore Disc)
08001 – Disfunction (Kindustria)
Dr. Calipso – Mr. Happiness (Kindustria)
Funk Empire – Supermanlover (Kindustria)
Cooper – Rabia (Elefant Publishing)
Tender Trap – Face of 73 (Elefant Publishing)
Les Frères Checkolade – Superrisco (Elefant Records)
The Pancakes – Stupid Star (Elefant Records)
Metro – Lemon (Elefan t Publishing)
Jupiter Moon – XXX (Elefant Publishing)
Beep – Misery (Elefant Publishing)

It’s not necessary to enjoy this sport to enjoy this movies. I hate ski, but I have to recognize the great work when I see it. Furthermore, photography, editing and music make the movies great for everyone, skier lover or not.

Free.doc is the last part of this saga, I say it yesterday, I could see it but I don’t, and it really disgut me! The next December 18 th there are a premiere in Espacio Movistar (University Zone, Barcelona), but you have to take and entrance with an exprensive SMS: “ART” to 7212, and I thing that it’s exclusive clients. Maybe I could get free entrance by other way, if not, I can’t go… In You Tube you can see some clips, I really enjoy this about travels in rider’s lives:

And this is the other one clip:

If you want more info, here you have:

the Soul Produccions website and YouTube Channel .

Finally, I just want to say If only someone createa someday videos as quality as it but about snowboard, maybe me in a future…

Nothing else, take care and be happy!

oRioL, the president ob Boarderland



NIVALIA SUCKS… That’s te better way to explain what was the event where I went today. Nivalia Ski Show represent that is an event, celebrated each year after winter in the city of Barcelona, where marks, spots and other bussiness about winter sports promote their products. But when you add a really bad season last year and non-urban compettition like in other years, the result it’s what we look today: less dimensions, less standars, less fun, less attractive thing, less of absolutely everything! Everything that you can imagine, but no the slogan wich is announced: the whiter event (¿?). And what about the promotion, the event no appears in any media channel…

The only great thing was the less promoted: SNOWART. What in other years was just an exposition with pictures and drawings about the snowboard, this year becomes a chill area with pictures, but also videos, live dj’s, projections and things like that. A great opportunite to see great videos about snowboard and freeski… but it could be if it’s great promoted. The area was apart of everything and nowhere anybody promote it, if you see the space you just see the exposition of pictures, the rest wasn’t visible if you not go there. I’m very interested in watch free.doc, the last one of freeski’s movies art (I talk better about this tomorrow because in a hours, I’ll see to of them that I have paid). I have no idea that it was scheduled for today afternoon, I discover it later and it really disgust me.

Furthermore, the entrance was expansive than ever, 7 € and 6’40 € discounted for some entities. Really expensive than ever. Ironic, the worst and the most expensive. The event still open tomorrow, if in spite of all that I say you wanna go, click here for more information.

Finally, a few reflection: there’s no ski or snowboard’s compettitions or exhibitions, but there’s one of mountain bike… ¿What’s happening? ¿It’s was not about winter? ¿MTB in winter? I found the explanation for climate change, it’s sad but this way, in few years, we’ll have no snow in Pyriness, and the spots have to found other ways… it’s sad, but it’s…

Nothing else, take care and be happy!

oRioL, the president ob Boarderland