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ROME SDS movie’s premiere

I really want to be there but i’m not really sure of could go…

This coming weekend December 1th we move to the third pass video Rome SDS Any Means. This time the presentation is at the Bar Nemo in El Tarter (Andorra) at 22h. We hope u!!

We also take this opportunity to make the presentation of the Rome’s event, I LOVE BOX.

December 1th
Premier Any Means
Bar Nemo

El Tarter Andorra. 22 h.



If someone want to go… me too! Good night and have a nice week!



NIVALIA SUCKS… That’s te better way to explain what was the event where I went today. Nivalia Ski Show represent that is an event, celebrated each year after winter in the city of Barcelona, where marks, spots and other bussiness about winter sports promote their products. But when you add a really bad season last year and non-urban compettition like in other years, the result it’s what we look today: less dimensions, less standars, less fun, less attractive thing, less of absolutely everything! Everything that you can imagine, but no the slogan wich is announced: the whiter event (¿?). And what about the promotion, the event no appears in any media channel…

The only great thing was the less promoted: SNOWART. What in other years was just an exposition with pictures and drawings about the snowboard, this year becomes a chill area with pictures, but also videos, live dj’s, projections and things like that. A great opportunite to see great videos about snowboard and freeski… but it could be if it’s great promoted. The area was apart of everything and nowhere anybody promote it, if you see the space you just see the exposition of pictures, the rest wasn’t visible if you not go there. I’m very interested in watch free.doc, the last one of freeski’s movies art (I talk better about this tomorrow because in a hours, I’ll see to of them that I have paid). I have no idea that it was scheduled for today afternoon, I discover it later and it really disgust me.

Furthermore, the entrance was expansive than ever, 7 € and 6’40 € discounted for some entities. Really expensive than ever. Ironic, the worst and the most expensive. The event still open tomorrow, if in spite of all that I say you wanna go, click here for more information.

Finally, a few reflection: there’s no ski or snowboard’s compettitions or exhibitions, but there’s one of mountain bike… ¿What’s happening? ¿It’s was not about winter? ¿MTB in winter? I found the explanation for climate change, it’s sad but this way, in few years, we’ll have no snow in Pyriness, and the spots have to found other ways… it’s sad, but it’s…

Nothing else, take care and be happy!

oRioL, the president ob Boarderland

XI Barcelona International TV Festival

Days: 13 – 14 November 2007
From 10h. to 13 h. and 15 h. to 18 h.
Auditorio del Museo de Historia de Cataluña. Barcelona

Day: 15 November 2007
From 10h. to 13 h. and 15h. to 18h.
Centro Cívico Cocheras Borrell. Viladomat 2-8 Barcelona
Free entrance

I went to this festival today because El Cazador de Estrellas, a footage from the school where I study (EMAV), participate in it. The works planned are interesting, but the festival it’s poorly organized. Though the website it’s great and have some clips of the works that you can see on the festival. I invite you to visit it:

And specifically, in this other site you can see some clips:

Nothing else, take care and be happy!

oRioL, the president ob Boarderland