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Velvet Goldmine

We set out to change the world and just changed ourselves


“Velvet Goldmine” is a rock opera of sorts, as the famous movie to “Citizen Kane”,  the film tells the story of Brian Slade (Jonathan Rhys-Meyers), an enormously popular glam rock star and his relationship with his wife, Mandy Slade (Toni Collette) and his love affair with the glam rock star Curt Wild (Ewan McGregor), al this, by the eye of Arthur Stuart (Christian Bale) who was a fan of the glam movement when he was young and ten years later, he is a journalist who have to write about the fake murder or Slade. The film is a combination of documentary, concert, and music video, which combine to present the film in a non-linear fashion, an ‘experience’ movie. 

During Stuart’s search, however, we are provided with a glimpse into the world of glam rock. Slade is shown as being ultimately a construct, transformed by an ambitious record agent into a popular rock star. He is invented by his record company, and soon rises to fame as a part of the brief English phenomenon of glam rock. Although married, Slade and Mandy have an open relationship, and are both openly bisexual. The rocker Curt Wild enters Slade’s life, and he falls in love. Wild, based around fantasies of Iggy Pop, goes to England to record with Slade, and the two men are marketed “like a pair of 40s starlets, a Spencer and Tracy for the 70s”2. However, the two men’s love affair soon turns sour and Wild leaves Slade. Slade, despondent, plans his assassination in order to get himself out of his current tour, and afterwards, slips into drug abuse and depression. Soon after, glam rock itself dies out.

Director: Todd Haynes
Producer(s): Christine Vachon
Screenplay: James Lyons, Todd Haynes
Cast: Ewan McGregor, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Christian Bale, Toni Collette and Eddie Izzard

Movie trailer

Movie soundtrack

I watch and listen some reports of this movie when it was in theaters. Then, some people talks my about, so, it becomes one of the movies to watch if you have the opportunity. Today, I watch in on cinematk (a cable channel) furthermore in orginial version, great! Great explained, visually, the songs… it’s an interesting movie that I recommend you! The soundtrack too, it’s good and it’t not necessary to be a glam rock fan, I’m not.


US vs John Lennon

Last saturday morning I have the chance to whatch this amazing documentary that I think, was projected on the last In-edit festival, but I don’t watch it then.
The documentary is about the last days of the John Lennon’s live, when he and his wife, Yoko Ono, were investigated for the CIA and the FBI for their message of peace and against the Vietnam war. I really didn’t know a lot of him apart of that he was one of the Beatles, created the amazing song Imagine and was a hippie. That documentary makes me discover a great celebrity who use his popularity disseminate a message of peace everytime he could. Special mention for the sitting on the bed of an hotel in Amsterdam with his wife: handsome and brilliant! Furthermore, this movie makes me discover a lot of Lennon’s songs that i never listen before and I have to download one of this days.
To look for more info, here you have the movie trailer and the (bit confusing and desordened) documentary website. But if you want John Lennon’s info better visits his official website with the bio, music, videos, drawings and more.
Finally, and related with Lennon and The Beatles, I advance that one of this days I’ll watch Across The Universe (directed by Julie Taymor) a musical movie with the Beatles songs. When I watch it, I’ll talk you about on the blog.
And remember…
All we are saying is give peace a chance…