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The IT Crowd

The IT Crowd (in Spain Los inform├íticos) it’s a british sitcom written by Graham Linehan and produced by Ash Atalla for Channel 4.

I discover it this weekend at the spanish channel where you can see it (Canal +, at 15:30 o’clock).

The history is about Moss and Roy, a geek and a nerd workers of the ID department of an important enterprise who have to work with a new boss, Jen, who have no idea about computers or similar. It’s fun.

Here you have the website!


Little Britain

I don’t know how to begin to recommend this Comedy TV Show and i haven’t a lot of time. This is a comedy that begins in BBC’s radio and then int TV. Here, in Spain, you can see it in Canal + and you can buy it too the 1┬║ season in DVD from a days ago (if someone would gift me for Christmas…). Look at the website for more info (where are talking about an Amercan version, I cant’ wait to see it), clicking here.

And here you have videos. Any of them are subtituled in spanish, so you have no excuse!

Episode 1

Episode 3

Episode 5

Episode 10

Andy’s best moments