Director: Tarsem Singh
Produced by: @Radical Media
Production services (in Barcelona): goodgate productions SL

The shot of this commercial was in the last weeks of October 2007, when I was working in Goodgate (as the professional practice of what I’m studing), so, the shot days in Barcelona, I was working in as Production Assistant/Runner. Therebefore, this was the first professional shot where I worked.

Enjoy the video (with not enough quality, I know…)!
You can visit too the commercial campaign website, with a making-off, here


One response to “PEPSI FOOT 2008

  1. Hola!!
    Esta muy bienn el anuncio, me gusta como van cambiando una ciudad por otra, queda realemnte bien xD
    Es muy estilo a los anuncios de nike o adidas porque son en los que suelen salir futbolistas haciendo virguerias con el balón

    Besoss cuidatee

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