The discography of Glow

This is the second post that I dedicated to this german band, who called this blog with one of their songs. Ok! ¿Why I talk about them again? Because Desiderata send me a link to download the complete discography of this band, what I was looking for a lot from of years ago!

If you want to donwload it, you can by direct download and Torrent.

Superclass (1999)

01. Mr. Brown
02. Uh-Uh
03. Cold Snow
04. Lamp-Post
05. High Spirits
06. Falling Angels
07. Wish I Could Stay
08. Party People
09. Travel Around The World
10. Friends
11. Alone
12. Dancing Queen
13. Walking Down My Way
14. Shoo Be Doo

Every single day (2001)

01. Beautiful Morning
02. President Of Boarderland
03. Footsteps In The Snow
04. Celebrate Youth
05. Miss You Today
06. Betty Ford
07. Orange Guitar Amp
08. Let’s Rock
09. Julie Goes Out
10. Every Single Day
11. Repeat
12. All About Me

At Your own risk (2003)

01. At Your Own Risk
02. Neighbour
03. Hello Hell
04. She Knows
05. Top Girls
06. Stole The Monkey
07. Sunny Boy
08. Someone Else
09. Not Happy
10. Ordinary Girl
11. Howdy
12. Outside
13. Stick Around
14. Summer Is Easy
15. Parachute


Enjoy it!


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