¿Do you want to be imperfect?

Imperfecta it’s the new album of Ainhoa, who was the winner of the second edition of Operacion Triunfo. She was not my favourite singer of the programme but with this iniciative, she goes up on my list. The new it’s that she offered for free download her new album before been on the stores. Something that a lot of musicians do but I think that neverin Spain.

Is a good thing because I am tired of hearing (from SGAE-friendlys) that the Internet appears to be the apocalypse of the music and culture. Nothing more unreal, now I listen much more music than ever, what happens is that they don’t want to resign to the money they make with the record sales, that’s the truth.

You can download the album on her website and in
(just have to sing up on it).

Thanks to Ainhoa for the iniciative and hear the album, it’s great!


One response to “Ainhoa

  1. Esta bien la inciativa para los consumidores pero no me parece la mejor solucion poruqe si todo el mundo hiciese lo mismo las discograficas cerrarian y los cantantes a duras penas grabarian mas de un disco porque sin beneficios… no se yo…
    Lo suyo seria que sacase tambien el disco para que la gente que quiera lo compre y que el precio de ese disco sea razonable…porque es cierto que los discos tienen precios exagerados y encima de ese dinero muy poco se queda el artista, esa es la pena… (segun lei que decias que solo un 10% de los beneficios…un porcentaje lamentable)
    Besos cuidate!

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