Charles Chaplin

Chaplin in pictures, in CaixaFòrum Barcelona
Until the 27/04/2008
Free entrance

Yesterday afternoon I finally went to this exposition on the CaixaFòrum. The greatest exposition about Chaplin never seen on Spain, with pictures, movies, draws, activities for kids… I know about it when I read a biography on a news paper and discovered that Chaplin’s life is so interesting, so, I reccomend you to go, furthermore, it’s free.

To see some of the greatest moments that Chaplins brought to the cinema, here you have a clip from Modern Times, another clip of the famouse dance with the globe on The Great dictator and finally, the last scene of this movie, an speech that I never seen and it’s really moving.

Really… a genius!


One response to “Charles Chaplin

  1. Me gustaron mucho los videos que vi de chaplin! seguro que la exposicion estuvo muy bien una pena que me pillase lejos!

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