Into the woods (Boscos endins)

Yersterday night I went to see the catalan cover of this musical with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim and play by James Lapine, acted by the theatre company Dagoll Dagom. In the first minutes, it’s many strange watch all the famous fairy tales taht way, but then, you are into the story and enjoy it. Finally, the message it’s great: not ever the happy ending it’s so happy at all.

Here you have many webs to more info:

Finally, in spite of the show it’s great, the title of best Dagoll Dagom’s show it’s the first that I see, the second time(the first was on 1988) of a musical version of Mar i Cel, by Angel GuimerĂ . Here you have a clip.


3 responses to “Into the woods (Boscos endins)

  1. uoooohh!! io tmb tinc lentrada!! seeee el dia 31 hi anire (es un regal que faig, pero era lescusa per no anarhi sola!)
    i tmb vaig veure mar i cel!! que em va encantar!!la millor sense dubte i bueno k espero k akesta estigui a l’altura!!
    por ciert ho he entes en angles e? vamos mejorando!!
    apa cuidat (K)

  2. eyy!!
    pinta bien!despues de darme una vuelta por la web…(aprendiendo poco a poco a entender el catalan… :D)y me he fijado en que actua Gisela de Ot

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