US vs John Lennon

Last saturday morning I have the chance to whatch this amazing documentary that I think, was projected on the last In-edit festival, but I don’t watch it then.
The documentary is about the last days of the John Lennon’s live, when he and his wife, Yoko Ono, were investigated for the CIA and the FBI for their message of peace and against the Vietnam war. I really didn’t know a lot of him apart of that he was one of the Beatles, created the amazing song Imagine and was a hippie. That documentary makes me discover a great celebrity who use his popularity disseminate a message of peace everytime he could. Special mention for the sitting on the bed of an hotel in Amsterdam with his wife: handsome and brilliant! Furthermore, this movie makes me discover a lot of Lennon’s songs that i never listen before and I have to download one of this days.
To look for more info, here you have the movie trailer and the (bit confusing and desordened) documentary website. But if you want John Lennon’s info better visits his official website with the bio, music, videos, drawings and more.
Finally, and related with Lennon and The Beatles, I advance that one of this days I’ll watch Across The Universe (directed by Julie Taymor) a musical movie with the Beatles songs. When I watch it, I’ll talk you about on the blog.
And remember…
All we are saying is give peace a chance…

2 responses to “US vs John Lennon

  1. Hola!!Me encantan los beatles!
    hay gente que me ha hablado muy bien de “I’ll watch Across The Universe” y tambien quiero verla. Mientras tanto veré el documental que tiene muy buena pinta! y asi conozco algo más de Jonh Lennon porque lo cierto es que no se mucho de él…
    Que estés bien!gracias por actualizar xD

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