From few days ago I want to talk about Louise Veronica Ciccone, Madonna. Not because I’m abig fan of she of her music, I’m not. But it’s undenniable that she is an icon of music and culture and something good shw will do to stay till now on the scene.
Last summer I have the chance to see the amazing Confessions on a Dance Floor Tour and I surprised how amazing it is. Every song has a diferent custome art and idea and the edition was incredible, imposible o count how many cameras there where. The video you have up is from one of the songs Live to tell with the controversial and sometimes censured catolic curch. What I think about it? She do it purposely, show knows about the sentence taht say Speak about me, even though poorly and she use it. Really, if you have the change to watch this show on DVD, do it. Yes, I’ll see it on TV (canal +) but it’s avaiable too in DVD. And is remarkable how she adapts to the new trends incorporating break dance and reinventing fashions.
And the other day I had the chance too of watch another Madonna’s show, The Blond Ambition Tour (1990) inside the movie Truth or Dare (In bed with Madonna) directed by Alex Keshishian that shows the show and portrays the backstage trying to understand the woman behind the pop idol. So much recommendable. You can find some parts on YouTube as this, talking with the chorus and dancers on the bed or this doing something with a bottle.
Take care!

3 responses to “Madonna

  1. Hi sweet,

    I love ´r blog. Is lo never seen before.

    Besis, take care. Gran descubrimiento…

  2. I think is an international icon too!jejeje

    Nou descobriment, segur que ja et sona: La casa azul (ochenteros, total!!)


  3. nunca he sido fan de madonna pero es cierto que ha sido y sigue siendo una de las ofertas musicales mas internacionales y..aunque no tenga que ver con la musica hay que reconocer que esa mujer se cuida muy bien no aparenta nada la edad que tiene…xD

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