Internet (freak) Superstars

Today I want to talk about the freaks, specially from Internet. Anonymous people who doing a freak action by the web are watched by people all arround the world and become famous, a lot of them thanks to YouTube. Another one of the options that the global Internet world offers. And why I want to talk about it today? Because of a VH1 TV programme that I see today onMTV, the Top 40 Greatest Internet Superstars. The most famous iniciatives that from Internet are offered to the world and become famous. You can see freaks like the world traveler and dancer Matt, OK Go or the Chinese Backstreet Boys. Here you have the complete top 40 that people votes by the web!

And now I want to promote candidates for future top’s. Why them? Yeah ok, because they are friends:

Superestupenda VS Cara-Cartón (produced by sourthi productions) My friend Marta (Cara-Cartón) and her sister (Superestupenda) creates this short videos where they act as a kind of superheroes who hate each other, they use some kind of mexican accent that is so fun. Here you Have the videos:

The characters presentation // Episode 1 // Episode 2 // Episode 3 // Episode 4

I’m waiting for the season two, but the atrezzo was destryed.


Arnau Quera This young guy is a videogames, ski and manga comics lover but it’s too something else that you can only see on YouTube. He have powers as levitate or cross walls. See him:

Levitate // Crossing walls // Crossing walls again

That’s my candidatures! Enjoy it!



3 responses to “Internet (freak) Superstars

  1. vaale vale, sisi, avui has aconseguit q m’ho llegeixi…
    sii.. vols morir oi?? però mooooolt!!! jajaj

    mare meevaa.. com et matu.. xDD

    en fii pues ree, q no hi haurà segona part eh, ja saps.
    hi ha videos per penjaar… però… mm.. béee daki a q es pengin.. alalala

    algun dia els veuras xD

  2. uouo awesom clap clap xD I am the pretiest friki in the internet and in youtube now I am playing guitar hero III one of a lot of friki games. I play mitic themes like “Welcome to the Jungle” of Guns and Roses and a lot of more songs of ’70 and ’80.
    Well I keep the promise that I comment this blog

  3. uooo sisi, oi tant que hi han frikis…..

    (només m’he llegit la primera linia… però oyeee, eso tiene merito, eh???? jajajaja)

    Doncs ressss

    sento que els meus comentaris últimament siguin un poc sosetes.. 😦 però és que tampoc sé que més dir…

    (has canviat l’estil de tooot el blog oii??? la lletra i to esooooo, i si no ho has fet tu… ho ha fet el blog soool.. perquè abans això no era així… no passs)

    Apa guapuuu, que vagi molt béee

    Un petó*

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