Maudits sonnants

Sometimes the city of Barcelona surprised you with thinks like this. The last Thursday 20 th. at the afternoon I was walking along Pl. Catalunya and I see some peopleand ringing bells, an stage with ads from Barcelona World Race and an amazin structure (photo). I was late so I don’t pay a lot of attention but later, at 20 h. I go back and see what that was.

It’s an spectacle of free entrance in order to the Fiesta del Mar y del Cielo de Barcelona called Maudits sonnants by Compagnie Transe Express. Drums, bells, fire and acrobatics with some kind of barroc style at 40 meters high. Nice coincidences that I was there in the right time, on the right place…

Here you have the spectacle website and a promotional video, enjoy!



One response to “Maudits sonnants

  1. increible espectaculo!me hubiese gustado verlo, me ha encantado el efecto de los que tocaban las campanas a la vez que se movian dando vueltas era como la representacion de un carrusel de los que se ponen en las cunas de los bebes para que se duerman xD
    bueno, nos hablamos!besos!

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