Sex and the City (the Movie)

There a few months ago that I know about the cinema version for the amazing TV show Sex and the city, it’s shooting. We’ll, today I see on MTV Crispy News that the shoot is over and in few months, the movie will be on theaters, exactly on May 2008. I just expect that if will be not in that dates on Spain, not much late. I wish to see how the lifes of Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte follows and I want to see it soon. Surely, it will be just, f a b o l o u s!

This is the site that HBO and New Line Cinema creates to the movie:

And a blog to know absolutely everything:

Nothing else, just take care and have fun!



One response to “Sex and the City (the Movie)

  1. esperemos que la saquen prontito aquii jajja poruqe tiene que estar bien!

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