Family Guy

Often and I don’t know exactly why, I hate what all the people arround me loves, and what’s worst, sometimes I never whatch that a lot. This is what happened with Family Guy, but I have to recognize that I was wrong and it’s a real delirious and fun show. You can see it in FOX and La Sexta, I don’t know the time exactly.

Here you have the website.



3 responses to “Family Guy

  1. no t’agrada?

    mare meeevaa.. el q et perds.. xDDD!
    uaaauaa, mencanta padre d familiaaaaaaa!


    aapaale, un bess! jajja

  2. no es una serie que haya visto mucho…algun dia.. pero lo cierto esque es un humor demasiado raro… prefiero los simpson o futurama 😀

  3. pues a mi me parece una serie bien chida, me hace mucho reir, mi personaje favorito es brian. yo la mera verdad recomiendo esta caricatura!

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