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From few days ago I want to talk about Louise Veronica Ciccone, Madonna. Not because I’m abig fan of she of her music, I’m not. But it’s undenniable that she is an icon of music and culture and something good shw will do to stay till now on the scene.
Last summer I have the chance to see the amazing Confessions on a Dance Floor Tour and I surprised how amazing it is. Every song has a diferent custome art and idea and the edition was incredible, imposible o count how many cameras there where. The video you have up is from one of the songs Live to tell with the controversial and sometimes censured catolic curch. What I think about it? She do it purposely, show knows about the sentence taht say Speak about me, even though poorly and she use it. Really, if you have the change to watch this show on DVD, do it. Yes, I’ll see it on TV (canal +) but it’s avaiable too in DVD. And is remarkable how she adapts to the new trends incorporating break dance and reinventing fashions.
And the other day I had the chance too of watch another Madonna’s show, The Blond Ambition Tour (1990) inside the movie Truth or Dare (In bed with Madonna) directed by Alex Keshishian that shows the show and portrays the backstage trying to understand the woman behind the pop idol. So much recommendable. You can find some parts on YouTube as this, talking with the chorus and dancers on the bed or this doing something with a bottle.
Take care!

Internet (freak) Superstars

Today I want to talk about the freaks, specially from Internet. Anonymous people who doing a freak action by the web are watched by people all arround the world and become famous, a lot of them thanks to YouTube. Another one of the options that the global Internet world offers. And why I want to talk about it today? Because of a VH1 TV programme that I see today onMTV, the Top 40 Greatest Internet Superstars. The most famous iniciatives that from Internet are offered to the world and become famous. You can see freaks like the world traveler and dancer Matt, OK Go or the Chinese Backstreet Boys. Here you have the complete top 40 that people votes by the web!

And now I want to promote candidates for future top’s. Why them? Yeah ok, because they are friends:

Superestupenda VS Cara-Cartón (produced by sourthi productions) My friend Marta (Cara-Cartón) and her sister (Superestupenda) creates this short videos where they act as a kind of superheroes who hate each other, they use some kind of mexican accent that is so fun. Here you Have the videos:

The characters presentation // Episode 1 // Episode 2 // Episode 3 // Episode 4

I’m waiting for the season two, but the atrezzo was destryed.


Arnau Quera This young guy is a videogames, ski and manga comics lover but it’s too something else that you can only see on YouTube. He have powers as levitate or cross walls. See him:

Levitate // Crossing walls // Crossing walls again

That’s my candidatures! Enjoy it!


Maudits sonnants

Sometimes the city of Barcelona surprised you with thinks like this. The last Thursday 20 th. at the afternoon I was walking along Pl. Catalunya and I see some peopleand ringing bells, an stage with ads from Barcelona World Race and an amazin structure (photo). I was late so I don’t pay a lot of attention but later, at 20 h. I go back and see what that was.

It’s an spectacle of free entrance in order to the Fiesta del Mar y del Cielo de Barcelona called Maudits sonnants by Compagnie Transe Express. Drums, bells, fire and acrobatics with some kind of barroc style at 40 meters high. Nice coincidences that I was there in the right time, on the right place…

Here you have the spectacle website and a promotional video, enjoy!


Merry Christmas!

Me and a Santa Claus (crashed on a wall) want to wish you merry Christmas even though it’s for wish what everybody ever wish this days. Try to enjoy this special days although artificial.
Sorry for not upload as much as I want (¿someone really wish it?) but I have things to do and things to think, that well, don’t end as well as I want, but it’s waht I have. One of the less important things that I think it’s about change the language to have more bloggers, but I finally decide to don’t do it. I think in this blog in order to practice english and this is waht I to and I don’t want to tell you what you have to do but you can practise too and If you need it, you can use Google Translate or another on-line translator as I do.
Finally, what do you thing about the new design?
You can read more info about Facto Delafe too. Comment!

La luz de la mañana

Marc Barrachina (Facto) y Oscar D’Aniello (Delafe) y Helena Miquel (Las flores azules) creates nice and specials songs between hip-hop and chillout with their special style. Next to their first album Facto Delafé y las Flores Azules vs El monstruo de las Ramblas and of take part in the Bigas Luna film soundtrack Yo soy la Juani, they edit their new album La luz de la mañana. Great, special, perfect for wake up, specially the songs of the video: Desde el este and La luz de la mañana (they sung in a catalan TV magazine called El Club from TV3). Too the first single, El indio and the last song of the album, Poquito a poco, so original with the thanks that you often read in the book that the album adds but it this case, sung by them. Just listen it, it’s a great choice.

Finally, just visit their Myspace!


Sex and the City (the Movie)

There a few months ago that I know about the cinema version for the amazing TV show Sex and the city, it’s shooting. We’ll, today I see on MTV Crispy News that the shoot is over and in few months, the movie will be on theaters, exactly on May 2008. I just expect that if will be not in that dates on Spain, not much late. I wish to see how the lifes of Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte follows and I want to see it soon. Surely, it will be just, f a b o l o u s!

This is the site that HBO and New Line Cinema creates to the movie:

And a blog to know absolutely everything:

Nothing else, just take care and have fun!


Family Guy

Often and I don’t know exactly why, I hate what all the people arround me loves, and what’s worst, sometimes I never whatch that a lot. This is what happened with Family Guy, but I have to recognize that I was wrong and it’s a real delirious and fun show. You can see it in FOX and La Sexta, I don’t know the time exactly.

Here you have the website.