How can I forget to reccomend the band taht gives the title to the blog? I’m talking about, I think that dissolved, german band Glow. The title of the blog comes from their song President of Boarderland from Every Single Day (2001).

You can’t listen clips from their better songs in this link. And you have too the Hungarian Glow’s fansite with photos, albums, lyrics and more… Really sad that their songs don’t have a grat success here in Spain. But they are great! Check it out!

¡Happy, happy, happy! Their oficial website is avaiable agin from a season it wasn’t. That means that the band comes back? I hope so!

Visit it, the link is:

Nothing else, take care!



2 responses to “Glow

  1. Me encata ese estilo de musica!
    me quedo con neighbour, she know, president of bordeland y mr. browm aunque la de dancingy stole monkey tambien… bua no se la mayoria XD esque son canciones muy de guitarra jajaja me recuerda un poco a un grupo que escucha un amigo pero no recuerdo ahora el nombre… ah si!fall out boy o algo asi era… si no lo has escuchado escucha algo porque esta muy bien XD buenooo me despidoo hasta la proxima actualizacion!

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