Love Actually


HARRY – Alan Rickman
SARAH – Laura Linney
BILLY MACK – Billy Nighy
JAMIE – Colin Firth
JULIET – Keira Knightley
KAREN – Emma Thompson
DANIEL – Liam Neeson
NATALIE – Martine McCutcheon
JOHN – Martin Freeman
SAM – Thomas Sangster
CAROL ANNE – Elisha Cuthbert
JEANNIE – January Jones
BERNIE – William Wadham
COLIN – Kris Marshall
JUST JUDY – Joanna Page
STACY – Ivana Milicevic
MARK – Andrew Lincoln
PETER – Chiwetel Ejiofor
MIA – Heike Makatsch

Director: Richard Curtis
Screenplay: Richard Curtis
Producers: Duncan Kenworthy, Tim Bevan and Eric Fellner
Executive Producer: Richard Curtis
Director of Photography: Michael Coulter
Costume Designer: Joanna Johnston
Editor: Nick Moore
Production Designer: Jim Clay
Music: Craig Armstrong

RUNNING TIME: 128 minutes
MPAA RATING: R for sexuality, nudity and language
RELEASE DATE: November 7, 2003 (Limited), November 14 (Wide Release), November 26th (Wider)



If you never seen this movie, do it because it’s absolutely recommendable. Great actors, histories and soundtrack for the nicest movie situated on Chistmas times in the last times.

That’s all, visit the website!


One response to “Love Actually

  1. Holaaa
    me la recomendó una amiga aprovechando que la echaban el otro día por la tele pero al final no la vi… asi que la anoto en pelis pendientes xD besos!

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