Once upon a time in the west… HARD-FI

A flash come to my mind and I remember a band that I see few times in MTV and i thing It’s great but I never remember them to find more information when I’m looking at Internet. The band I’m talking about it’s called Hard-fi. I don’t know much more than some songs, but whats relly important about the music. Look at the songs that I listen:

Can’t Get Along (Without You)

Cash Machine

Suburban Knights

But all the songs that I listen of them by the moment are so great, so: totally recommendable. Look at their webiste for more information!

I have to go to study… so, take care and have fun!




3 responses to “Once upon a time in the west… HARD-FI

  1. ara miru d baixarme les cansons.. tranqi colegui.

    pk si.. pk sóc tan crack k si k he trobat cançons.
    en un plis te les passo. ja sas.


    oooooooooh primer dia k parlu sobre lu k scrius!

  2. siiiiiiiii!!!

    et torno a firmaaar!
    pk sé k et faa ilusiooooooooooooooooooo!!!

    firmaat.. la marta foten el primooh!

  3. Hola!!uyy que atraso de contestaciones de blog llevo… lalala… XD
    Nunca habia escuchado nada de este grupo pero me han gustado sobretodo la cancion de can´t get alone!Cuidate!besos!

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