Tu enfermedad de llorar (Your cry’s disease)


It have no really sense that I recommend this play because everybody who is no from Barcelona, hasn’t the opportunity of see it. But it’s where i went yesterday and I want to reccomend it.

This play talks about Goya, a woman who creates her special world out of mens and crys whit her cousin. But some circumstances destroy this perfect world and makes she realize the pain is part of life and not a betrayal or illness and he must accept their existence and their feelings come as they come and mourn is not an illness.

The play is represent in Guasch Teatre (C/ Aragó, 140) and the entrance it’s from 15 to 20 €, discounted thanks to some entities.

More info in spanish here!

Nothing else, take care and be happy!

oRioL, the president ob Boarderland


One response to “Tu enfermedad de llorar (Your cry’s disease)

  1. Tiene interesante argumento… de estos que te hacen pensar una vez que sales del teatro… o esa es la impresion que me dio…
    Una pena que me pille tan lejos para verla. Besos!cuidate!

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