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Elections are today in the USA (it’s possible that someone does not know it in this globalized world?). Well, maybe you think that have no sense to talk about it from here, but the other day, as part as the (necessary) campaing that the American celebrities performed by the elections, as they did in the past, I saw this interesting video. This is the explanation that ilustrates the video:

Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz, Snoop Dogg, Harrison Ford, Julia Roberts, Ben Stiller, Will Smith, Steven Spielberg, Justin Timberlake, along with Sacha Baron Cohen as Borat, Zach Braff, Colin Farrell, Neil Patrick Harris, Scarlett Johansson, Shia LeBeouf, Tobey Maguire, Ryan Reynolds, and Jason Segal, are featured in a second of a series of public service announcements to encourage American youth to vote in partnership with Google, YouTube, Declare Yourself, and MySpace. The non-partisan PSAs, produced by DiCaprios Appian Way, were created to engage and inspire young people to vote and participate in the upcoming election.

I think an interesting initiative and an original and ironic video that deserves to be shared … Nothing else, just VOTE! (when you have to do it, do it)



A long time ago I talk about theater in this blog, really, the fact is not went again since Into the Woods but the gift that since last year set up with my sister was gived again for my birthday and my sister’s gift me two tickets for Mamma Mia! in Barcelona Teatre Musical and although in the end I had to go with my mother because my sister couldn’t, the fact is that exactly a week ago I was in the theatre beginning to enjoy this story.

The truth is that ABBA’s songs follow me from many times ago in different ways. First, it was no my mother’s favourite band but are of their time and at home there are old records, cassettes and vinyl I liked when I heard; then, many years ago appears a teen band A*Teens, that was not the best album I have but made me feel most songs near. Finally, when I reheard in a time of my life The winner takes it all I get touched on several grounds, and even more the spanish version of the leading actress of the play, Nina.

For all that reasons, I was interested in see this play, but last year I prefer to see Cabaret and this time, I expect the gift was for Que! El nou musical, but the truth is that Mamma Mia! is a greater option. The truth is that I had some prejudices about the play, but just charming, very well explained, good interpretations and a very sophisticated scenografie that ends with a great big party with everybody sing-a-long the most famous ABBA’s hit!

These are my answers to two questions that you may do:

Movie or theatre play?
I haven’t seen the movie, but when I went back home after seeing the play, watch some clips on YouTube and the fact is that the movie copy the play with more budget and, as I read in a criticism a musical film (Across The Universe), the fact that the actors were celebrities made everything he did little more unreal and uncredible. In addition, the theater always has a magic and makes you get involved in a special way.

What about the translation of the songs in spanish?
Well, interesting topic. As the story is in spanish, I think that the songs are in spanish too is the greatest option and more natural. It’s true that I can’t imagine the musical said in the previous question in spanish (that’s why I see it in the original version subtitled) but well, in conclusion, I think the best option is to share songs and dialogue language in the play, is the most natural way to enter history and get involved in it.

I couldn’t end this entry without talking about the actors and actresses cover. It’s true that are needed to program the play all week, but in this case, I have taken a flop if the player had been interpreted by the cover as one of the attractions of the play for me was the voice of Nina, the principal actress. In another way, I wouldn’t have believed the story as well. That’s all…

You can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life…

Britannia High

Seems, for what has been seen so far, that the greatest way to describe this new british TV-program is as a plus of High School Musical and Fame, as usual: corny stories, teenage love, fashionable people everywhere…

But the truth it’s that the new single Start of something it’s a hit, that kind of that makes you happiest and optimistic, something necessary nowadays… Furthermore, add four things: (one) the incredible change of Mitch Hewer, that appears on Skins as Maxxie; (two) I read that was one of the most successfull programs in the last Canne’s Festival; (three) as I read, Take That is part of the project, a fact that explains the great single, I’m not saying that Take That was great (how little I heard, I was indifferent of it) but the success they had, for something would be, and finally (four) I’ve to say that not everything shines, the second single Watch this space it’s not good at all.

To end, thank and recommend you the greatest blog ok Skins in spanish, the way I discover Britannia High, and the official web of Britannia High to look for photos, download the song, videos…

Start of Something’s video

Living in Oblivion (Vivir rodando)

Roll that motherfucking camera, Wolfie!


Following up his debut, Johnny Suede, director Tom DiCillo presented this filmmaking comedy that allegedly draws much from DiCillo’s experiences on the set of the 1991 Brad Pitt vehicle. Steve Buscemi stars as Nick Reve, the long-suffering director of a no-budget independent film. If he’s not dealing with his heartbroken director of photography Wolf (Dermot Mulroney), Reve is trying to keep his leading lady Nicole (DiCillo mainstay Catherine Keener) happy or ignore the pseudo-auteur suggestions of Pitt-inspired name-actor Chad Palomino (James LeGros). All the while, the audience can’t ever be sure if the scene they’re watching is a dream or reality.

Director: Tom DiCillo
Producer(s): Michael Griffiths, Marcus Viscidi
Tom DiCillo
Steve Buscemi, Catherine Keener, Dermot Mulroney, James LeGros, Peter Dinklage, Kevin Corrigan.

Movie trailer

Movie website

It’s not the best movie that I saw, but it’s entertaining, more if you’ve lived through a shooting and you see the different roles caricatured.

Frontera Bikers (summer 08)

This is the third video of the group of teenage from the camping where I spend the winter weekends and summer, Camping Frontera. Last summer, they went to an skatepark in Escaldes and next day, I went too with them to the skatepark in Andorra La Vella. We did many videos and I took them with me promiste them to create a video… This is the result!

_ FRONTERA BIKERS _____________
(c) oriol salvador vilella, 2008


Music credits: Time to pretend by MGMT.
Shooting: August 2008
Location: skateparks of Andorra la Vella and Escaldes (Andorra)

Les Poupées Russes

…Will this be the last?


Five years after their summer together in Barcelona, Xavier, William, Wendy, Martine and Isabelle reunite. Xavier is now thirty. No longer a student, he is not yet a well-balanced, fullfiiled adult either. His career is unsatisfying: far from being the renowned novelist he aimed to be he must be content with little jobs such as reporter or ghost writer. His greatest “achievement” in “literature” is his collaboration to the script of a corny TV soap! His sentimental life is not much better, rhythmed by one night stands and unfinished romances. It looks as if when he seduces a woman beautiful outside and inside such as Kassia or Wendy he can’t keep them. Will he ever bring his life into focus?

Director: Cédric Klapisch
Producer(s): Bruno Levy
Screenplay: Cédric Klapisch
Cast: Romain Duris, Barnaby Metschurat, Cécile de France, Kelly Reilly, Audrey Tautou, Cristina Brondo, Kevin Bishop, Federico D’Anna and Christian Pagh.

Movie trailer

Movie website

At last! Since I discover that the great L’Auberge Espagnole (You’ve information about this movie on the blog) has a sequele I really want to watch it but I don’t find it… until today! The movie it’s great, it’s cool to have the chance of see what happens with the life fiction characthers and how they live now. Although I prefer L’Auberge (this movie is sometimes too complicated instead very well narrated) this movie have brilliant moments and knows how to attract the attention during all the film even though the story it’s not momentous at all. For example, the expected image of the principal charachters of L’Auberge together again takes place at the beginning of the story but it’s not until the middle-end that we know why, when and how. Like this, there’re a lot of examples we can found, as the title say, watching the movie you open the russian dolls but it’s not till the last, the smallest, that you know how all the story ends. Finally, just recommends too the sountracks of boths (L’Auberge Espagnole and Les Poupées russes) and tell you that in YouTube I discover this movie in parts. It’s not the best way to watch this film, but if you want, you can.

skins, It’s a lifestyle choice

Skins is a comedic teen drama from Company Pictures. It’s located in the brithish town of Bristol, where the young characters living the last years of high school alternating with partys, drugs and sex. The characters are so stereotyped: a popular, but manipulative boy (Tony), a Muslim boy (Anwar), an openly gay boy (Maxxie), an overbearing and talented clarinet player (Jal), a party animal with family problems (Chris), a pushover who is in love with his best friend’s girlfriend (Sid), a girl who is worried her boyfriend is only using her (Michelle) and a mentally unstable girl with an eating disorder (Cassie).

The greates thing of the serie is the original way to explain the history, the dialogues and al the visual part. The worst thing, for me, is that maybe they abusing unnecessarily of topics as drugs or sex in my point of view, looking for the sensationalism more than to explain the real way of life of teens (may it be, but perhaps not so widespread).

The serie realese two seasons with the same cast. The last months, the production organize parties all arround England where they looking for the cast of the third season that now it’s on process. In this new season, the old cast will appear maybe in some episodes but Effy (Michelle’s sister) is the only character of the last seasons that will appear fixed int the new one.

You can watch skins in Buzz, Antena.Neox and ojo Videoclub, but I recommend you to take a look to the spanish blog of Skins, with a lot of information, photos and download links not only of the episodes, also of the soundtrack. Enjoy!

Finally, this is the official website where you can find a lot of information too!